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On writing

There is a joke, although not a particularly funny one, floating around that everyone in Starbucks is busy working on the next Great American Novel.  I admit to working there too sometimes.

My ambitions are far less lofty. I just want to entertain you.  I am grateful for authors who challenge me and I genuinely enjoy literary fiction, but I’m glad the market place allows for variety of writers, genres and moods.  Sometimes, I want a mystery, other times to walk in the shoes of someone whose life is dramatically different than my experiences. (Here, I’m thinking of the heart wrenching Push by Sapphire). One thing I’m always in the mood for is a good laugh, or at least a smile.

I suspect we forget to laugh when we are teenagers and expected to be sullen and moody unless we are with close friends. As adults, we’ve seen and experienced so much that we fail to belly laugh in appreciation at the opening and closing of a drawer, as my daughter did at three months.  A good story can reignite our sense of wonder by helping us see our world anew. Perhaps, we’ll smile, but if we’re really lucky, we’ll laugh. And if we’re really, really lucky, that joy will spread to those around us.

I hope that as you explore this site and eventually my other writings, you’ll find yourself smiling and you’ll share the joy.


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One thought on “On writing

  1. You’re right, Lola. So few adults remember to laugh–I rarely find something humorous enough to laugh over. My joy is in making others chuckle, but rarely do I get to do the same. Is that another pitfall of growing up? Maybe I should sit down with my girls and play Barbie. lol.

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