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Pollen season

The one danger inherent in the spring – Pollen.  When I lived in the Midwest, I didn’t truly appreciate pollen. Now that I live in the South, Pollen Season is a moment I fear.  The world turns yellow. Clusters of pollen droop from the Pin Oaks in my yard, giving the illusion of shade. Then the wind blows, shaking loose tiny particles that find their way into everything.  A fine coating of pollen settles onto anything not protected by closed windows or other types of barricades.  My daughter refuses to touch the handle of the car unless it’s cleaned first, but even then the act of opening the car door releases enough pollen to ensure we all have yellow clothes.  Taking a broom to my driveway produces piles of pollen that rival leaves in the fall.

Thankfully, Pollen Season is short. I take comfort that a few days from now, I will no longer view the world through yellow colored glasses. In the meantime, I take Zyrtec and close the windows.



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One thought on “Pollen season

  1. I definitely know how you feel living in Virginia. Sometimes I think it rains pollen. I wish I could just take Zyrtec. Unfortunately, my allergies are so horrible I have to receive 4 shots in each arm and take meds.
    It sucks!!

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