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Outage Outrage

A recent disruption to my home phone, internet and cable left me in the dark, so to speak, for nearly forty-eight hours.  I couldn’t find out instantly if anyone important died or how big a percent I could save for two days only at stores I rarely visited. Fortunately, we still had electricity and the newspaper arrived without fail on those two days, but it still brought to the foreground, how dependant I’ve become on being wired.

I don’t have a smart phone, relying instead on the home-based wi-fi for most of my internet and computing needs.  Losing that connection forced me to return to the “good old days” where I looked up addresses on paper map and reached out to friends the old-fashioned way – in person or by cell phone.  I played with my kids longer and gave them more of my full attention, rather than checking in with my pet hotel, potion shop or Facebook peeps.

I may pretend my connection to the outside world is broken a little more often, but only for an hour or two at a time.  I’m far too addicted to the outside world.



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