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Beach Day

Today was a great day to hit the beach – not to swim of course, the water was far too choppy, but a beautiful day to get sandy feet. I’m not much of a beach person or so I always thought. I burn too easily. Worse, I gain further evidence that I am really a Yankee. I once heard Southern women don’t sweat, they perspire. On a hot day, by which I mean any over 80 degrees and sunny, I sweat. At the beach, this means sand adheres not only to the sunblock, but everywhere that I sweat. That didn’t happen today.  It was overcast. The sand warm but not hot.  The cold water splashed on my toes, refreshing but not unbearable.

Days like today make me realize just how lucky I am to live so close to the Atlantic Ocean and make me wonder why I don’t take advantage of the proximity more often.



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