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Filling in the blank

Every book or blog post starts the same way – with a blank page.  For many, this is a cause for anxiety.  The page is too white, too empty and too full of expectations.

I remember test anxiety in school. Few words sounded more fearful than “Essay Exam.” There was always that moment when the teacher distributed the blue book or a stack of lined paper when the realization struck that I was expected to fill the space.  Those seconds between the distribution of paper and the revelation of the essay question provided ample time for my brain to kick into fear mode.  Would I know what to write? Was I prepared? Would my handwriting be too disastrous to read? When I flipped over the exam, or the essay prompt appeared on an overhead the tension broke.  I had a topic. I had a reason to fill the space.

As a writer, a blank page still makes me nervous. I rush to fill it as quickly as possible. The difference is, I receive no prompt.  Today, I provide my own questions and I have one for you. Do you fear the blank page?



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One thought on “Filling in the blank

  1. I don’t worry too much about filling in the blank space. Most of the time when I sit to write my brain has already filled with what I want to write. I blah all over the blank page then go back and make it make since.

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