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Photo anxiety

As soon as I came down from the thrill that Crimson Romance will publish my contemporary romance, Winter Fairy, I realized the next roadblock on my path to publication.  Actually, photos are less of a roadblock and more like a giant pothole that you will somehow get around, but the process will be painful and traumatic.

I hate to get my photo taken.  Usually, I’m caught unaware and I look half drunk, half asleep or angry. Even in a number of professional photos, I look awkward and I want to curse at the photographer for letting me stand “like that” in the group photo.  I put off getting author photos for as long as possible, but knew I had to do it, because if you, my dear reader, are anything like me, you want to know what the author looks like.

My anxiety was for naught this time. The photographer I worked with was wonderful and managed to make the whole experience fun. For once, the hardest part was selecting one of many great photos.  So here I am and I almost look like this in real life. Almost.



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