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Winter Fairy: The deleted scene

This was the lone scene in Winter Fairy written from the point of view of five year old Eloise. Her mother died when she was two and a half and she’s acutely aware of not having a mother. Carson tries his best, but being a single parent to his temperamental, emotionally fragile daughter has left little time and desire for a social life until he meets Eloise’s dance teacher, Penelope.  It’s morning on January first.

Eloise woke up disoriented and in need of the bathroom.  She cast off her blanket but still couldn’t roll out of bed like normal.  Something was wrong. Then she remembered. She was on the couch.  She rolled the other way and put her feet down on something lumpy.  She screamed in surprise and the thing moved.  It was Miss Penny!  It wasn’t a dream. She was here. Maybe she would make pancakes. Some of her friends had moms that did that. 

In her enthusiasm, she squealed and woke everyone up. Today was a good day. She could tell. 

Hope you enjoy this little teaser.  Let me know what you think.


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