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With the weather turning tolerable (meaning lower humidity and temperatures under 90), I’ve finally begun giving my long neglected flower beds the treatment they deserve.  I’m pulling the weeds.

My front walk flower beds became so overgrown this summer, that I hereby apologize to every milk man, newspaper and package deliverer who has graced my door over the last few months.  I do not extend this courtesy to door-to-door marketers.  They deserved to be slapped in the legs as a punishment for taking up my time.  The others did not.

I pull the weeds by hand rather than spraying for three reasons.  First, it provides a bit of exercise. Second, manual labor is cheaper than chemical sprays that cost money and probably add to the pollution in the nearby Chesapeake Bay. (Stepping down from my soap box – sorry). Lastly, pulling weeds gives me a deep sense of satisfaction.  I can see and feel and even smell the progress. Chaos gives way to harmony before my eyes.

Weeding is a form of editing, act of destruction that allows beauty and creativity to thrive.  Soon I will plant pansies or perhaps violas in the vacant spaces leading to my front door. A riot of color will greet me and I’ll smile.

So let me ask you, have you done any weeding lately?


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4 thoughts on “Weeding

  1. Yes I have had the pleasure of weeding. Also, I have bought myself an incinerator to get rid of the woody stuff!

  2. Great post Lola! I like how you tied in writing to weeding… “Weeding is a form of editing, act of destruction that allows beauty and creativity to thrive.” 🙂

  3. The only weeding I’ve been doing is in the editing “garden.” Three manuscripts in edits is way more weeding than I can deal with! LOL But your post is spot on, Lola. The removal of the weeds allows for new growth, somthing both gardens and manuscripts need from time to time.

    BTW–do you really have a milkman?

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