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Release Day

Today Winter Fairy is available at fine ebook outlets everywhere.  I’m over the moon excited.

Many years ago, I read that over half of the Americans surveyed said they would like to write a book one day.  I personally know many who harbor that dream. For many years, I told myself that I should and for many years, I ignored that impulse. My “one day” came when I found the courage to put ideas to paper, and then to persist and not give up the dream.

It took patience, persistence, a lot of coffee and a dedication to working every day, but I’m here to tell you, dreams can make a wonderful reality.


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One thought on “Release Day

  1. Congratulations, Lola! Happy Release Day!! I’ve bought my copy and am so excited to read it!! 😀 I absolutely agree with your post: patience, persistence, lots and lots of coffee and dedication really can make dreams a wonderful reality. Well said.

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