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Six Sentence Sunday October 14

Today on Six Sentence Sunday I’m sharing another sample of Winter Fairy.  Carson’s daughter, Eloise, invited her favorite dance teacher to her birthday party. After the gifts were unwrapped, the cake eaten and the guests on their way home, Penelope insisted on staying to help clean up and let Carson have a few quiet moments with Eloise. But that wasn’t her only motivation.

“She noticed a few grays peeking through his dark hair along his temple. The overall effect was simply sexy. Today, he’d deftly handled the party and interacted with his daughter using warmth and humor that she hadn’t noticed before. Initially she’d found him attractive but stuffy. She suspected his rational, logical side still dominated, but he generously displayed his affection for Eloise, even indulging her creative side with the dress up clothes. She liked the idea of getting to know the man beneath the businesslike demeanor.

But there was a problem.”


Uh-oh. What’s holding Penelope back? Find out in Winter Fairy available now at Amazon, Crimson Romance and more.



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