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Halloween Happiness

I know Halloween isn’t fun for everyone this year and my thoughts go out to those dealing with storm damage, but for my own selfish reasons, boy am I glad it’s Halloween.

Not only is it fun to see the end result of costumes(fairy queen and penguin) my children spent months planning and preparing, but there’s also the chance to abscond with some of their candy. I’m not sure about you, but my mouth is watering at the idea of a fun-sized snickers.

But there is another reason I love Halloween. It is the official end of October.  After baking four birthday cakes, a huge batch of sugar cookies and using nine pounds of powdered sugar for frosting, I get a break until the Christmas baking madness begins. 

Tomorrow, I will not turn on the oven or use my stand mixer. I will, however, make sure I am sufficiently sugared. I already hear the kid’s candy calling my name.

What’s your favorite part of Halloween?



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