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On tour to talk writing

I’m declaring myself a writer on tour because I can. Sort of. No-one officially organized a tour for me but over the next two days I will discuss writing in two public forums all while preparing for the Crimson Wonderland Blog Hop launching next week.

My first stop will be my daughter’s classroom. I’ve been asked to talk about research and the work involved with becoming a published author.  I’m told there will be about sixty students. Fortunately, this number is not reflective of my daughter’s class size, they’re combining a few. I’m a little nervous.  Third graders are a tough audience.

My second stop is the Chesapeake Romance Writers’ Open House. If you’re near Chesapeake, Virginia on Saturday, November 10th, please stop by Russell Memorial Library between 10 and 3 for food, book signings, prizes and the chance to chat with me and other authors.  Our members will tend tables covering topics such as membership, editing, pitching, and writing a synopsis.  We’ll also be available to answer questions you have about becoming a writer.

Hope to see you there.

Oh – and if you have any advice for dealing with a herd of third graders, please share.



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