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Escape with me

Escape with me into a moment from Winter Fairy.  Early in writing the story of Carson and Penelope, the romance could have unfolded anywhere. I had no setting until they went to the Art Institute of Chicago. No other museum or city would do.  Penelope takes Carson and his daughter Eloise to a Degas special exhibit. As they walk to the cafe, Carson pauses to look at the striking piece that is one of my favorite escapes.

I first visited the Art Institute of Chicago on a school field trip in fifth or sixth grade.  My mother chaperoned. As our docent guided us through the maze of hallways, my mother pulled me aside and whispered, “That’s a Chagall.”

I fell in love. I fell hard and fast for the myriad blues, askew cities and figures untethered by gravity. The more I looked, the more I saw and further I fell into Chagall’s world.

Over the years, I have spent hours looking at Chagall’s America Windows, getting lost and escaping to a world I cannot physically visit. I could write at length about the meaning and significance of Chagall’s work, but I don’t want to. I’d rather imagine myself in front of the America Windows escaping to a world where people and dreams can fly.

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31 thoughts on “Escape with me

  1. I love hearing how your book was stitched together with fond memories….it is part of the magic.

  2. I love how you described your attraction to Chagall’s work. I feel the same about Monet! Hope things are hopping over here today! Have a fabulous week!

  3. I remember visiting the Chicago Art Institute and always wanting to go back with my husband but alas, we’ve never been to Chicago together. We keep talking about making a trip – we need to do it and CAI is a must stop. Lovely picture.

  4. Can I just say the fairy is way too cute. I am happy that I have come across you through this blog hop.

  5. My favorite escape is any book that can take me away from real life even just for a short while.


  6. What a great giveaway! I love reading to escape and enjoy all YA or Adult romances and paranormal!
    kacidesigns AT yahoo DOT com

  7. For me to escape is opening the pages to a book.. Some of my favorite genres are romance (all kinds) paranormal and sci fi

    I agree that the the Art Institute is great place to visit…


  8. Great post, Lola! I’m reading Winter Fairy right now and am absolutely loving it!! 😀

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  9. Lola,
    What a great giveaway! Very creative.

    It was interesting hearing how you did your reseach for Winter Fairy. Sounds like it was an enjoyable experience.
    I like to see in my mind’s eye the people, surroundings, and emotions. I know I’m engaged when I can’t put the book down until I’m done. The story has to have all the elements of a good story to hook me. If not, I feel cheated. I’m an avid reader and know the good, bad, and the ugly….

    Thanks for the opportunity to meet you, explore your site and writing.
    Belinda G
    belgre AT Comcast DOT net

  10. The book really appeals to me, since I studied art history!


  11. My favorite escape is reading paranormal romance with great world building.
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