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St. Nicholas Day Giveaway

Indulge me a moment while I tell you about my mom and Christmas.  Yesterday was her birthday. As a kid, her birthday was a special day because we were not a family that typically put the tree up over Thanksgiving weekend.  Instead we waited until December 5th.  Later my parents confessed this was less about keeping my mother’s birthday special and more about trying to tame Christmas excitement.

Another way my mom channeled our excitement was to have my sister and I learn about traditions in different countries.  Since this was before the Internet, we went to the library and poured over books.  Most years, we tried out a new tradition.  Mom refused to let my sister and I walk around with lit candles on our head (Sweden) but the Dutch tradition of St. Nicholas Day became a regular feature.  Traditionally one puts straw and carrots in their wooden shoes on the night of December 5th for Santa’s horses.  Even though we used stinky sneakers, Santa still left us a little treat, often a chocolate bar, to tide us over until his regularly scheduled visit.

It is in this spirit I offer you a St. Nicholas Giveaway.  I’m giving away an electronic copy of Winter Fairy through the rafflecopter window below.

You can set straw filled shoes by the door if you wish, but I don’t require it.

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7 thoughts on “St. Nicholas Day Giveaway

  1. We did something similar – our “guardian angel” always left a little present on our pillows on Christmas Eve. Sort of a sneak preview for the next morning.

  2. That is such a great tradition that your mom had you research other countries’ traditions and try them out. What a wonderful way to learn more about the holiday and what it means to others everywhere. I love it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. A wonderful memory I have of my mom at Christmas was just from last year:

    We’d moved out of state just around the time she was diagnosed and it was very hard being away when she was facing such a beast of an illness. (One that has claimed the lives of friends and family in recent years.) With the expense of the move, I didn’t have the money to fly home to be with my mom. Being an only child, I was concerned about her getting enough attention and I knew my dad would need help caring for her. Luckily my wonderful mother and father in-law arranged for me to be with her during her radiation treatments. It was such a blessing. We were able to drive back to Texas last December to visit. Our Christmas was very special with her that year. She was getting her spark back about that time. She made my favorite homemade spaghetti, doted on my 3 girls and made merry. Funny hats and music were a theme last year. My mom has always be fun but last year’s Christmas was somehow more magical after seeing her struggle through the breast cancer journey.

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