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Joy of Giving

Today, I’m talking teacher gifts. I have some idea what I’m talking about since my mom taught preschool for a number of years.  Opening the students’ holiday gifts was a cherished part of our Christmas tradition, one that solicited lots of laughs, “Awwwww cute!” comments and shouts of “I claim the Frangos.”

Out of the chaos of statuettes, baked goods, coffee mugs and gift cards, I gleaned the following:

DO NOT give ornaments to the teacher. She (or he) probably has enough apple ornaments to decorate a forest.  Also avoid “objects d’art” and jewelry.  I drew on real life examples for the gifts Penelope received from her students in Winter Fairy.

DO give Good quality chocolate. It can be consumed or regifted.  Baked goods should include an ingredient list in case someone in the home has allergies. Gift cards are great, especially for places where the teachers can restock supplies used in their classrooms.

Thinking of giving, Jenna Jaxon is giving away TWELVE books on her blog today including a copy of Winter Fairy.  Click Here to see all Twelve Books of Christmas on her list.

Before you go completly, what are your thoughts on teacher gifts? Do you have a go to gift?


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