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No Resolve

I started 2013 with good intentions.  I vowed to exercise more, blog more, eat less sugar and put down the electronic devices for longer periods of time.  If those were my resolutions, I have already failed.

The word “Resolution” smacks of a finality that I find hard to attain.  I rarely resolve a crossword puzzle, but I do solve them.  A resolution, to me, is a stagnant end point. The problem or crisis is resolved and no loose ends remain.

I prefer goals.  The end point is still there, but the emphasis is different.  We set words like striving, reaching and working toward before the word goal. We acknowledge the effort and the journey.   I can celebrate the little victories along the way, such as turning down my daughter’s offer of a nibble of her ice-pop.

Last year, I set the goal of becoming published in 2012. The journey to that point had taken years, making the achievement that much sweeter, even without adding sugar.

Forget the resolutions and achieve your goals.  This year, I aspire to enter into contract on another book.  I already received a request for a full manuscript.  I like the path I’ve chosen.  I think I’ll stick with it.

What will your journey for 2013 hold?



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