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Bear cat, Bare Cats

Juno & Rojo after a play

I recently blogged about the newest addition to my family. I’m happy to report that the fluffy kitty now has a name, Bear. He is a sweetheart who flops down anywhere, by which I mean the wood floors, the wood steps and the kids’ piles of Legos. I don’t have a photo of all three of them together yet, but it is a matter of time. Juno, the queen of our house, has disciplined Bear a time or two for deigning to sit on her favorite chair, but otherwise, there has been no aggression. We will not need a visit from Jackson Galaxy nor be featured on “My Cat from Hell.” El Loco Rojo enjoys having a new playmate. Rojo and Bear are both lefties. After a few playful swats, Rojo takes off running and Bear follows for a great game of chase. Bear still feels obligated to meow loudly to defend the outside from intruders, but he’s settling into a life of domestic bliss and perpetually dry weather.

I failed in my prediction that the cats would be grooming each other by this time. After a good play, Rojo has broached Bear several times. When he and Juno play, this action initiates bath time, but that hasn’t extended to Bear yet. You can see Rojo’s thought process. He approaches. Bear twitches. His fur wiggles. Rojo thinks “What is that crazy stuff?!?” and backs off looking for something less fluffy to lick.



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