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House Hunting and Love

Once upon a time, I fell in love. The split level house had a wrap around deck, stone wall entry, and screened in porch overlooking beautiful gardens that burst with color. The husband and I bought it. We bought furniture, tended the gardens, replaced hideous carpet and made it our dream house. And then we moved.

When we signed the paperwork to sell the house to people I found unpleasant (at best), I resolved to never, ever love a house again.  In his heart, my husband still loves that house, but through the years, he has had an easier time of looking for  House Right Now rather than House Right.

His wandering eye and inclination toward lust has grown more apparent as we’ve begun virtual house hunting in the Minneapolis area.  His eyes grow wide as he flips through photo after photo of appealing houses in our price range.  He calls me over.

“I could see us living here.”  He shows me a screened in porch, backyard pond and kitchen with dual wall ovens.  It’s beautiful.  It reminds me of our  first love. “Hmmm.” I say.  “It looks like a long walk between the garage and the kitchen.  Not so good–”

“I know, I know.  It’s a long walk carrying groceries.”   He mocks me. This is an oft-repeated refrain of mine while house hunting.

When I pull up the house two days later to show friends, it is in contract.  I tell my husband.  His mouth draws tight and his fingers clench.  I shrug it off.  “We’ll find something when we are up there house hunting.”

That’s the thing.  We always do find something.  We’ve made more places than I can count into livable places worthy of being called home.  I’ve kept my promise not to fall in love with another house, but I have loved many, many homes.

What do you think? Is there a difference? Do you love or lust or both?



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4 thoughts on “House Hunting and Love

  1. Great post, lady! Hmm, I’d say that I lust after houses 😛 We currently own a home and it was a lust situation when we first moved in, and now the luster is beginning to wane and we realize what a non-pleasant area we are in… Next time we’ll take our time and hopefully fall in love with the house 😉 Happy hunting!!

  2. I’d have to say that I try to love my home but not be ‘in love’ with my home. I want a house to be functional and comfortable and possible to live in for a long time, whether or not we actually do. I know some people get really emotional moving out of the house where they raised their family, but I’m hoping I’m not like that in a month when I move. Sure, this house is where I raised my babies for the first years of their lives, but the next house is where I’ll raise them for the next few or many years. And the memories of those times are coming with me, not stay with the house.

    1. Take the memories but don’t be surprised if a few tears fall when leaving the house that was your baby’s first home. I did the first time we moved. Good luck with your upcoming move.

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