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Finding my groove

If you’ve followed my blog over the last few months you likely noticed two things.  One – I moved.  Two – I haven’t written much.

As a writer, not writing is a problem.  It’s not that I have writer’s block but after six full weeks of being knee-deep in a move so problematic that even people who don’t know my occupation say “you should write a book,” the issue is more I’ve forgotten how to write.

In my old home and my old routine, I had writing rituals.  I dropped off the kids at school, turned on the machine, made myself a latte and sat down to the task at hand.  One day focused on social media, another on marketing and industry reading and several on writing.  Now I have nothing.

My desk isn’t in the same place.  In fact, I don’t have a desk–well I do, but it’s waiting to be assembled.  My children both ride the bus now and the kindergartener doesn’t leave until nearly lunch time.  It’s so backwards from my old routine, that I’ve lost my writing groove.

It will return, but I’m tired of my writing groove’s slow tempo as of late.  I’d love suggestions on how to whip my groove into shape.  Thanks.



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One thought on “Finding my groove

  1. It hasn’t been that long, give yourself some time. If your kindergartener doesn’t wake up with the rest of the crew, you could do some writing and social media once the others leave. If he does, then do all your errands and stuff with him after the other kids leave. You’ll have a two or three hours to work. It’s still have a split day, but it will only last a school year. All the best!

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