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Talking with Jenna Jaxon

Today I’m welcoming Jenna Jaxon and her Lyrical release Only Scandal will Do.  Every time I visit Jenna, I end up blushing.  Read on to see what I mean.

What inspired you to write this book?

I was reading Mary Balogh’s historical romance The Secret Pearl and Duncan (my hero, the Marquess of Dalbury) came up and started whispering in my ear about how he had gone to a brothel auction and bought a red-haired prostitute for an obscene amount of money. But after he tried to have his   way with her, he found out she was actually a lady who’d been kidnapped. I was drooling with excitement by this time, couldn’t wait to find out how this story ended–if they overcame this horrible meeting to have an HEA.

Prostitution?  I’m blushing already.  What types of books do you enjoy reading? What is on your nightstand?

I love historical romance first and foremost, although I do read a smattering of other sub-genres, mostly what my author friends write.  I also LOVE Stephen King (my favorite non-romance author), Dean Koontz, John Grisham, and Patricia Cornwell.  At the moment  on my nightstand (though I’m not actively reading anything) are three books I got at RWA this year:  Too Good to be True by Kristan Higgins, Lyon’s Bride by Cathy Maxwell, and Mary Balogh’s The Arrangement.  And my most recent purchase, Jo Beverley’s latest, Seduction in Silk.

Tell me about your favorite place to write.  What makes it special?

My favorite place to write is a cabin in the woods.  That may sound totally strange–especially when said cabin has no electricity–but it’s the most peaceful place I know, has absolutely no distractions, and I can consistently write a chapter a day when I’m there.  I can use a PowerStation to charge the computer and cell phone (for research when necessary) and I’m happy as a clam!  It’s owned by dear friends who take care of me and pamper me when I’m there.  The perfect writer’s retreat.

The pictures of the cabin frighten me a little – especially since I enjoy a good Stephen King novel myself.  Do you listen to music when you write?  If so, what?

When I did academic writing I would have on music videos or movies playing that I knew well and they created a white noise that I could tune out and still write.  Writing fiction, however, I optimally have no music, no television, nothing.  Of course, that only happens when I’m at the cabin I mentioned above.  I have two daughters who like to watch TV while I write.

With two daughters and a full-time job, how do you make time to write?

I steal it.  From sleeping.  From time with the family.  From time putting on make-up. LOL (I don’t wear any make-up because I’d rather spend the 15-20 minutes writing.)  I stay up as late as I can and get up as early as I can.  I’d be so much further ahead if I didn’t have to sleep.  Five hours I have to have–six is a luxury I allow only occasionally.  I take off whole days sometimes to have a writer’s retreat with fellow members in my local chapter.  Those are very productive days.

Sounds like a great writing group.  Let’s be semi-productive now and play “Dump the purse” – what’s in yours?

Crap (not literally).  Change purse, tons of receipts, chapstick (from RWA!), pens, office key, Faculty ID, Sam’s Club Card, pill bottles, a roll of surgical tape, a ring, a red washable marker, a thumb drive (also from RWA), Splenda packets, business cards, a swag key chain from a local chapter member, a cell phone screen cleaner (RWA), lipstick, my last month’s pay stub, a Crystal Light Peach Tea packet. Nothing terribly interesting, unfortunately.

I’m sure more than one of those pens came from RWA.  Now that our purses are clean, let’s run out for a drink.  Oh, dear.  I need a babysitter.  How about the characters from Only Scandal Will Do?

If Katarina were babysitting, your children would likely have their first lesson in fencing.  If Duncan was watching them, they’d probably be still be playing something like pirates when you got home.

Duncan’s hired!  Now, for a few last questions:

  • Chocolate, fruit or other? Chocolate
  • Warm or cold? Cold
  • Buttercream or fondant?  Buttercream
  • Cookies or brownies?  Brownies
  • With nuts or without?  With nuts (and Amaretto!)

YUM!!!  Jenna and I are off to get dessert, but you get a treat too!  Enjoy this excerpt from Jenna Jaxon’s Historical Romance Only Scandal will Do.

“I assure you, there was never a night like that before.” Lord Dalbury spoke quietly, and Katarina sensed a tension in him. “I had never done such a thing before. Never participated in such an auction. Never tried to take a woman unwillingly to my bed.” He stopped speaking. Just stopped. Then his breath hissed as though he’d slowly released it.

“I cannot find the words to tell you how deeply I regret I was not a better man that night.” He paused, and she held still and waited. “What I tried to do was madness, without thought, without honor. I do not even have an excuse other than my base desires, and that your abundant charms overwhelmed me.” His face was shadowy in the scarce light of the sickle moon, but he sounded contrite. “I have no right to ask for your forgiveness. I have no right to expect it. But I would ask you to allow me to attempt to remedy the situation.”

Kat shook her head slowly. “What on earth do you believe you could do, Lord Dalbury, that could even come close to a remedy for the terror and humiliation you put me through? Do you think now that I have met you, heard your feeble attempts at an apology, and rejected them, the memory of that night will magically disappear?” She fought to control her anger, though she yearned to blast him with it. “What magic potion would you have me take that would erase the memory of you pinning me to the bed? Because if you have such an elixir, then yes, I will gladly take it from you and obliterate you absolutely and irrevocably.”

He stood silent at her words, then said simply, “I have only myself to offer, my lady.”

“You would have me kill you, my lord? In that, too, I agree I would oblige you, but not at the cost of my own life. I understand the English law punishes those who do murder quite severely.” Kat was astonished when he lurched backward, as from a blow.

“No, my lady, I would not have you kill me,” he said, sounding grimly amused. “Though indeed that would probably give you most satisfaction. I meant I would have you marry me.”

His words surprised a laugh out of her. “Marry you?” The laughter grew. “I see, my lord, you think me both a whore and a fool.”

“I think you are neither, Lady Katarina.”

“Then you are the fool to believe I would put such a man as you in control of every aspect of my life.” That he thought she would even entertain the suggestion was insulting.

The pale moonlight shadowed his face, but she could read displeasure there just the same. “You judge me solely on one act that, I assure you, was grossly out of character for me. You cannot possibly know what kind of husband I would be.”

“And never will, Lord Dalbury. I can swear to you that I would not marry you if I were in Hell and you were my only hope of Heaven.”

He inclined his head toward her, a faint smile touching his lips. “I believe you made a similar claim about dancing with me, Lady Katarina. Yet we have indeed enjoyed a dance together despite your words.” His tone was soft, the sensuous, cajoling one he had used to seduce her that night in the House of Pleasure.

Kat trembled, recalling the incredible sensations of his hands, his mouth on her body. Damn. He could not do this to her again. Not just with his voice.

“Is there nothing that would entice you to leave your Hell for my Heaven?”

She struggled to answer, opened her lips to deny it, only to find her mouth completely sealed by his.”

onlyscandalwilldoVintage(1)WARNING: A blade-wielding heroine crosses
swords with a master of sensuality.

Wowza!  Jenna Jaxon made me blush again.  Pick up Only Scandal Will Do at any of these fine location:

Amazon, Barnes & NobleAll Romance eBooks or iTunes.

You can find out more about Jenna Jaxon and Only Scandal Will Do at



Twitter:  @Jenna_Jaxon

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18 thoughts on “Talking with Jenna Jaxon

  1. I just finished Seduction in Silk. You’ll love it. Congrats on your release and I loved the interview! Not so sure about the cabin in the woods myself. I need electricity 🙂

    1. I so want to start Seduction, but I’ll have to lose more sleep to do it. LOL Once you write in the cabin, all other writing spots pale in comparison. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Sharon!

  2. Great interview, Jenna. Your purse sounds a lot like mine except I have a keychain filled with all the scan cards I need for all the loyalty programs I’m in. I hate having those on a chain with my car keys.
    The book sounds terrific. Good luck with it.

  3. This book is terrific! And I agree about the chocolate, though I like my brownies pure! Tweeted

  4. That was a wonderful interview! Both questions and answers were interesting. Only Scandal Will Do is a marvelous book. I’m sure you’ll hit it out of the ballpark on this tour, Jenna.

  5. Thank you, Trish! I loved these questions–especially the Dump your purse one! I’d no idea there was so much junk in there! LOL Appreciate your stoping by!

  6. Loved the interview! Your purse sounds like mine. Hubby wanted me to have a new purse last year. I embarrassed him with the old one. And this one is big so it gets the junk!

    All the best! Your book sounds wonderful and I love the cover!

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