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TRR YES! party and giveaway

Hope you’re having fun at The Romance Reviews’ Year End Splash Party!    I  love a party, especially one with good food and better friends and prizes.  There are more than 400 participating authors and publishers, which means there are more than 400 prizes up for grabs during the whole month of November. The Grand prize is a $100 Gift Certificate! Now that’s a party!

Widowed doctor, Carson Langley, hero of my contemporary romance, Winter Fairy, also enjoys good food. He may not care much for ballet, shopping and prizes, but he would like to become better friends with his daughter Eloise’s  ballet teacher, Penelope, especially after she offers to babysit Eloise so he can do some Christmas shopping. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to answer the question at the main TRR site for your chance to win a copy of Winter Fairy and more.  The question for my site goes live on NOVEMBER 5TH

Winterfairycover   Wandering in and out of stores, he covered most of his list. He had so many bags for Eloise he’d put one round in the car already, but the feeling that he was forgetting something—or someone—nagged at him. Checking his watch, he had plenty of time before the stores closed. He looped past the food court and theater as a movie let out. Couples spilled out. Everyone seemed to be holding hands and smiling, except him. As he walked past a store with frilly shiny and sparkly bangles and baubles, he decided to pop in to find a headband to go with the bright red holiday dress Eloise picked out in a catalog. Seeing the silver fairy necklace as soon as he entered, he realized who he left off his list.

    He thought about Penelope more than seemed appropriate. None of Eloise’s other teachers invaded his thoughts the way she had. He had physical needs and desires. But the frequency with which she appeared in his dreams left him restless and tired. Every morning, he ran through his personal litany of objections. She was too young. She had to be at least twelve years younger than him since she went to high school with John.  She acted too much like a kid to be capable of disciplining one. She was going away. She would leave him and Eloise and break both their hearts. He couldn’t go through that again.

   He should put down the necklace before he reached the register, but it still hadn’t left his hands, even as he sorted through the headband display. The chain caught on one of the bands—what could have become a tangled mess actually turned out fortuitous. When he reached for the chain, he spotted a headband the perfect shade of red to match his daughter’s dress. As he gently unwound the chain from the headband’s bow, the fairy charm fell against his palm. The fairy’s legs crossed delicately about mid-calf. Penelope had folded her legs the same way at the kitchen table last week. He grinned as he paid for both items, and not because he had finished his shopping.

  Walking across the parking lot, the cool air slapped his face. Stars twinkled, a sight leaving him awed. Perhaps, he should stop moping and move on. Damn the consequences.

Penelope is waiting for Carson to return home.  Read Winter Fairy to find out what happens next.

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