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Zombies! Dead New World by Ryan Hill

I love a good zombie story.  The Walking Dead is my favorite show on TV.  I love a  good zombie kill as much as the next person (is anyone else picturing spinning tires right about now?) but what keeps me coming back is the humanity in the show.  Zombies are an excellent metaphor for uncovering what makes us human which is why I’m so excited for Dead New World by Ryan Hill. Why, you ask? Read on!

Dead New World by Ryan Hill

 Zombies aren’t mindless anymore.

They follow orders. And if Holt and Ambrose want to kill some undead, they’ll do the same. But when a routine mission goes horribly wrong, the best friends’ lives are flayed to the bone. Now there’s only one light in the darkness of Holt’s life, and when she’s taken, he’ll do anything to get her back. Even if that means defying orders and using his best friend as a weapon. Holt and Ambrose risk all to save her, but what they discover among the hordes threatens to remake humanity. Again. In the end, will there be anything left to live for in this dead new world? I get chills from the title Dead New World, so I asked Ryan Hill (Twitter @J_Ryan), why zombies and here’s his reply.

Zombies: An Emotional Connection?

Just like everybody has their own zombie story, the dead meat all tend to mean something different to different people. George Romero made them out to be like consumers in Dawn of the Dead, Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead suggested the living were really the zombies, and Max Brooks’s World War Z, well… I guess you could say they brought out the best and worst of mankind. Hard to pin it down since the novel is really a collection of short stories that tell one massive story. What interested me about zombies was exploring a survivor, like Ambrose (the main character’s best friend). Someone who’d been bitten, sort of changed, but didn’t and now looks half-human, half-zombie. He still eats human food (not humans, mind you), but has an odd sort of psychic connection to the walking dead. Get it? Walking dead? Lame, I know. More importantly, how would the living treat a survivor? Would he be embraced? Pitied? Hated? I figured all of the above. Ambrose is forced to use different silverware, cups, etc. than the others, and he must wear biohazard symbols on all sides to let people know he could be a danger. The only one who isn’t afraid of him is his best friend, Holt. But what would that kind of hate and isolation do to a person? Would he prefer he were all the way dead, or fight every day to remain human? It’s an interesting conundrum, and one I hope gets answered in Dead New World.

Ryan Hill’s Dead New World is forthcoming from Definition House, (Click here for their gorgeous site) but there is a catch – a Kickstart campaign!  Want to help make this book become a reality?
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3 thoughts on “Zombies! Dead New World by Ryan Hill

  1. The Sundance channel is about halfway thru a European series “The Returned” . Not exactly a classic zombie theme, but close to “New World”. In a small Alpine village, in the shadow of a vast dam, a small group of men, women and children find themselves in a state of confusion, trying to return to their homes.
    What they do not yet know is that they have been dead for several years, and no one is expecting them back. (French dialogue with English subtitles)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I read a blurb for “The Returned” yesterday – I’ll have to look for a marathon so I can catch up – sounds good and creepy.

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