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Talking with Jane Ainslie

Today I’m welcoming fellow Decadent author Jane Ainslie. In a show of hospitality, I didn’t insist she come visit me in the frozen Tundra.  Sadly, I couldn’t shovel the snow off the car and hop a flight to heat of Australia, so we’re meeting in the always climatically comfortable realm of cyberspace.

Her Sister's Wedding SmallJane Ainslie is a fellow foodie and author.  With a delicious new romance, Her Sister’s Wedding, I had to find out more.

What inspired you to write Her Sister’s Wedding?

My love of food, watching celebrity chefs on television, and wondering what it would be like to date a man who could really cook, when you are a gal who loves food?

Sounds like a dream come true! Tell me about your favorite place to write.  What makes it special?

I have a lovely room in our house where I write. I’m surrounded by all my favorite things, and my husband knows he’s not allowed to set foot in to my space (he has his own messy man cave). It’s really important to carve out a place for yourself to write.

 I agree. But I suffer invaders in my office. How do you make time to write?

Making time to write means putting yourself before the housework, the pets, the shopping, your family, babysitting, the garden, your work schedule and even your husband. It’s a hard balance, but I grab the hours in between all that to do what I can. I often feel guilty. I guess if I were making mega dollars from writing, I would feel like it was my job, but because I am starting out, I’ve realized you need to take that leap of faith in yourself, commit the time to your dream, and go for it.

Our weather may be at opposite ends of the temperature spectrum, but mentally we’re in the same space. What is your favorite part about being an author?

Using my imagination to wander off down the laneways of Paris, dreaming about romantic stories and happy endings, and using everyday situations for inspiration for that next book.

Let’s play “Dump the purse” – what’s in yours?

Probably one of my pet ferrets, trying to find a treasure. I’m missing my favourite change purse at the moment and I know they have hidden it somewhere in the house, because I forget to zip up my bag the other day. If they managed to get into my purse, then they ferret around, and I’m likely to find my keys, lip gloss, tissue packet etc. missing.

What mischief makers! We’re at a bar with your hero and heroine, what are they drinking?

Mandy and Jake are drinking gin martinis, because that’s my favorite drink so I wrote it as their drink in ‘Her Sister’s Wedding’. It’s not too sweet, so you can take your time. It’s a pure drink – there is only one additive to the gin – it’s old school, which I find romantic.

 I can picture them now. Dessert time!  Give me your “either—or” answers

•    Chocolate, fruit or other? Oh God, NEVER fruit. I can’t stand it. My idea of hell is a health retreat where you detox on fruit. Chocolate only.

•    Warm or cold? Warm, sticky date pudding with toffee sauce (yes, I know dates are a fruit but that’s the only exception…)

•    Buttercream or fondant? Being an Aussie, I don’t know what this means! I’m assuming it means creamy icing or hard icing. Creamy icing. Icing you whip up yourself in a bowl with plenty of butter, so you can lick that knife after you’ve iced the cake.

Be happy you don’t know fondant and yes, always real butter.

•    Cookies or brownies? We call cookies biscuits in Australia, and brownies here are squishy chocolate kind of cake things. Yum. Brownies.

•    With nuts or without? Pile those nuts on top of the chocolate cream, on top of the ice cream, on top of the sticky date pudding. You are talking to a foodie romance author!

Oh yum.  I can’t wait to share a meal in person. Until then, I’ll have to settle for your mouthwatering book.  Jane, tell me more about Her Sister’s Wedding.

What happens when you meet the right person at the wrong time?

 Melbourne-based food journalist Mandy Evans has Paris firmly in her sights. She’s got a chance at her life-long dream of studying art in the City of Love, but not before she has to be a ring-in bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding.

 After setting up his latest restaurant in Melbourne, renowned American chef Jake Pearson is leaving for his next project in Miami. He’s the hottest ticket in anyone’s town, with a burning ambition to conquer the world, but not before he’s best man at his friend’s wedding.

 When Mandy and Jake meet, the attraction is instant. He loves her sassy, natural style, and her appetite for great food. She thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread, or even martinis. Fate gives them a chance at love when they are partners at the same wedding, but can either of them compromise their ambitions to let love grow?

This is going on my To Be Read shelf right away.

You can get a copy of Her Sister’s Wedding at Amazon or through Decadent.

Author Jane Ainslie adores martinis, is a keen but hopeless gardener, and an avid reader of cookbooks. She currently resides in Adelaide, Australia, with her beloved husband and her four unruly pet ferrets.

Her blog can be found at and she can be found on Facebook at Jane Ainslie Books.

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