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Embrace the March Madness

Welcome to March Madness. This two-word phrase is synonymous with NCAA College Basketball and lots of it. The name is a bit of a misnomer, as the final game isn’t played until April, but the craziness exists. To celebrate this first Friday, I present Five Reasons to Embrace March Madness.

1. The TV will be on a lot, from approximately noon until two am, Thursday through Sunday. No one will want to cook. Consider this a good excuse to consume chips and beer.

2. March Madness proves men aren’t immune to a good Cinderella story, case in point, Virginia Commonwealth and coach Shaka Smart.

3. A charismatic player will emerge from a smaller program, reminding you not all college athletes are biding their time until they can turn pro.

4. A personal reason – if I don’t watch, I won’t see my husband for a month. Worse, in an effort to watch all the games, he’ll overload the DVR before I can watch my back episodes of Enlisted or The Amazing Race.

5. The coaches fascinate me and not just because some look good in their suits. You can watch a man’s face run through every emotion during the course of a game and it’s all in the name of research.


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2 thoughts on “Embrace the March Madness

  1. I love March Madness! 🙂 My favorite team is going to the Big Dance this year for the first time in … Dang! I can’t remember the last time they played in the tournament. LOL! But they’ll be there this year, and maybe they’ll be that Cinderella team that makes it all the way to the finals. Get your brackets ready!

  2. Congrats on your team going to the dance! During my second senior year, my alma mater made it to the sweet sixteen as an underdog. Campus was crazy. Hope you get to have some extra madness in your house this year, Juli

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