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Fun with Peeps

Peeps are adorable and ubiquitous this time of year. Presenting this month’s First Friday Five – “Fun with Peeps.

1. Make Dioramas. Yours may not be the “Masterpeep” (submitted by the Washington Post) that I found on the Official Peeps website, but Peep diorama making is a fun way to spend an afternoon.

2. Play practical jokes – Randomly swap Peeps with your child’s toys or objects on a coworkers desk.  Keep this up until it is noticed.

3. See how big your Peep can grow in the microwave before exploding. Warning – the author of this post takes no responsibility for your microwave.


4. Add extra beauty to those early spring flowers with a creative centerpiece.

5. EAT THEM (duh). And keep your peeps happy by sharing your Peeps.



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3 thoughts on “Fun with Peeps

  1. Cracked me up! I hadn’t thought of all these uses for those fluffy little lint catchers. What do you do with jelly beans? Chocolate eggs?

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