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Talking with Terri Herman Ponce

Today I’m talking with Terri Herman-Poncé about the rerelease of her novel In This Life.

IN THIS LIFEIn This Life is one of those hard to categorize books but one worth seeking out. Check out that evocative cover and did you notice the tag line? I’m a sucker for a good series. This one promises a love triangle and past lives in Ancient Egypt. Be sure to comment for a chance to start The Past Life Series with your own copy of In This Life.

Terri, what types of books do you enjoy reading? What is on your nightstand?

I have an eclectic mix of books I love to read, but I gotta tell you that fiction absolutely, positively has to grab me by the throat. I’m a HUGE fan of Robert Crais and Harlan Coben (to me, they’re masters and my biggest influences). In fact, I’m such a fan of Crais that I’ve reread all his books 3 or 4 times! Now, have any of you read Gone Girl? Well, that book is up there as one of the most amazing stories ever written. That story Grabbed me, with a capital ‘G’. But right now, on my nightstand? Hmm…Missing You by Harlan Coben. Peace of Mind by Thich Nhat Hanh. The Mediterranean Prescription by Angelo Acquista, M.D. Howzat for eclectic?

I Loved Gone Girl. I suspect neither one of us has a purse as interesting as Amy Dunne’s but let’s play “Dump the purse” – what’s in yours?

Hmmm. Well, now that I’ve made a mess on my desk, I guess I should share it. Lip gloss. Hand sanitizer. Wallet. Keys. My monthly train ticket and MetroCard for the subway. Oh…my iPhone! And last but not least, the backup flash drive with all my novels and works in process, book covers, book photos, and pictures for character inspiration on it – some of which are, um, racy. *cheeky grin*

Oh dear. You’ve made me blush. Let’s move to something more… wholesome. If your hero or heroine were babysitting my kids (age 6 & 10) what would the night be like?

If David were babysitting your kids? He’s an ex-Marine turned professional soldier so he’d have the nerf guns out. If one of them got out of line? He’d probably tower over them, deepen his voice, and reprimand them for disrespect. Then he’d drop down to eye level and ask if they were ready to get back into the game.

 David’s hired! Which is good, I could use I night at a bar with your hero and heroine. What are they drinking?

Ha! They’ve recently been turned onto sipping tequila. And David Bellotti’s favorite is Herradura Suprema. And Lottie would be right there drinking it with him, sip for sip.

Impressive. Thinking of which, my kids built a time machine out of Legos.  When and where are we headed and why?

Ancient Egypt! I know I have a romanticized view of these amazing, beautiful people, but their concept of the afterlife intrigues me. The beauty of their texts and hieroglyphs. Their fascination with the cosmos (which I also share). The breathtaking pyramids…the mystery behind how they were built. Then there’s Nabta Playa, which has religious ties to ancient Egypt and is one of the world’s earliest known astronomical devices. It also predates Stonehenge by millennia, with astronomical monolithic structures and everything. How cool is that?

I know nothing about Nabta Playa. I’ll have to research but after dessert time!  Give me your “either—or” answers

Chocolate, fruit or other? – Chocolate. DARK!

Warm or cold? – Warm cake or pie on the bottom, AND cold ice cream on top. Yummm.

Buttercream or fondant? – Buttercream because I can lick the spoon.

Cookies or brownies? – Brownies! omg…BROWNIES!!!

With nuts or without? – Without, thankyouverymuch.

Excellent choices! Thanks so much for stopping by.

Thank you for having me here! I had a great time answering your questions and hope it was enjoyable for your visitors. And in honor of my re-release, I’m happy to gift a free copy of In This Life to one commenter. So come on…get in on the fun!IN THIS LIFE


In This Life Blurb:

Hidden memories. Buried secrets. Resurrected revenge.

Psychologist Lottie Morgan knows something is wrong when she relives memories of a lover she’s never had. At first she attributes them to fever-induced dreams. But when the fever disappears and the visions don’t, Lottie realizes something else is going on.

Then she meets Galen. Their first encounter is as intense as it is eye-opening, and his revelation that they shared a passionate relationship thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt entices Lottie into wanting to learn more about her past. Her decision, however, comes at a price. Galen may hold the answers but he could destroy the devoted, lifelong relationship Lottie has with her current lover, David.

It also could mean her death—again.

Someone is protecting millennia-old secrets, determined to keep them buried while exacting a revenge on Lottie for a mistake made a very long time ago.  A mistake she could be destined to repeat.

Take a trip to mysterious ancient Egypt, where Lottie becomes caught between two lifetimes, two men, and long-buried deceptions. Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony and Macavity-winning author, calls this paranormal suspense about reincarnation and finding your soul mate “Inventive, original and thought-provoking; this mystically romantic mystery will instantly intrigue.”

 More about Terri Herman-Poncé

Terri looks for any opportunity to make stuff up, and thinks anything that can’t so easily be explained is worth an extra look and often makes a great story. She loves red wine, scotch, sunrises, Ancient Egypt, the beach—and a host of other stuff that would take too much real estate to talk about. The youngest of five children, Terri lives with her husband and son on Long Island. And, in her next life, if she hasn’t moved on to somewhere else, she wants to be an astronomer. Terri’s fascinated with the night skies almost as much as she’s fascinated with ancient Egypt.

Terri’s a member of member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America, and you can read about her at You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter. Come visit—she’d love to hear from you!

Be sure to comment for your chance to win.  Please include your email in a name at place dot com type format.  Can’t wait to read In This Life? You can get it now



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    1. Me too! I studied ancient Egypt as a secondary focus while getting a Masters in History. The book of the dead is fascinating.

  1. A friend of mine recommended Gone Girl a while ago. I have yet to pick it up, but with both of your recommendations, I may have to. Congratulations on your release.

  2. Lively questions and witty answers – a great interview, ladies! Terri, I just read up on Nabta Playa and it’s amazing! Much continued success with your re-released novel (and the forthcoming series). I’ve read the first two books and I want to encourage everyone out there to grab a copy of In This Life.

  3. I’m impressed by the way no matter what the question or the scenario, you know exactly how your characters will react. You truly live within them and they in you.

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