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Five apologies I owe my mother

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’d like to use May’s First Friday Five to offer some long overdue apologies to my mother.  I should also thank my own children for revealing my past transgressions.

Dear Mother,

1. I am sorry for all those times you had to repeat yourself because I wasn’t listening. Your voice deserved to be heard the first time, not the fifth or twentieth.

2.  I apologize for all those times my morning irritability replaced your good mood with my lousy one, especially on those mornings you made French toast or pancakes before school. 

3. I’m sorry about some of those times I ran to you complaining about something my sister did. Please note, I do not apologize for any time I said “Mooooooooom, she’s humming at me. Maaaaaaaake her stop,” because, as we all know, that humming was really annoying.

4. I wish I could take back every time I said, “Ugh, spaghetti again?”

5. Above all, I apologize for interrupting you all those times you wanted a moment of peace to take a bath, finish a chapter, use the bathroom, phone a friend, press a seam and so on.


As punishment, I’m sending myself to my room without any supper.

Sincerely,  momandme

Your daughter.

P.S. I Love you, Mom! You’re the best.




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13 thoughts on “Five apologies I owe my mother

  1. My wife sez “Brought back some memories from when my children were younger. I expect we will get some follow-on thoughts from you (and maybe even a book or two) as you and your your children deal with middle school angst, a puberty or two, driving lessons, and first dating!!”

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