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Talking with Sara Daniel

I’m delighted to have fellow Decadent Publishing author Sara Daniel visiting today.  Like my last guest, Tara Quan, Sara penned a modern fairy tale. Read on to learn more about Sara and Once upon a Marriage and be sure to scroll all the way down or a link to a giveaway.

OnceUponaMarriage_200x300What inspired you to write Once upon a Marriage?

My favorite school assignment ever was modernizing and retelling a fairy tale (sophomore English – Aced it AND got extra credit – Thanks Ms. Seckler!), so when Decadent Publishing put out the call for a retelling of a Grimm’s Fairy Tale, my hand immediately shot in the air.

Tell me about your favorite place to write. What makes it special?

I have a giant comfy chair in my living room with a view out my front window where I do most of my writing, although in perfect weather I’ve been known to take my computer outside. An outside view is a must for me, and did I mention how comfy my chair is?? I often feel stiff after sitting at a desk or table for a couple hours, but I could sit and write in my chair all day (and often do).

That sounds like a nice place. Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what?

I write in silence, and if the house isn’t quiet enough, I keep a pair of noise-silencing headphones (from a NASCAR race!) nearby. I’m happiest and most productive when I’m alone with my thoughts.

When you’re not at the races, how do you make time to write?

I write when my kids are in school. Everyone leaves the house, and I make the long commute (LOL!) to my favorite chair. Now that it’s summer, I try to keep the same routine, but I also accept that I need to be flexible for my family and to recharge my muse. My summer productivity is always lower than in the school year.

Mine too! What is your favorite part about being an author?

I get to live out my dream of writing stories all day while having the flexibility of being there for my family whenever they need me.

I love that too. Dessert time! Give me your “either—or” answers

  • Chocolate, fruit or other? Chocolate
  • Warm or cold? Warm!
  • Buttercream or fondant? No frosting, please!
  • Cookies or brownies? Tough choice, but I’m going with cookies.
  • With nuts or without? Usually without, but sometimes nutty is better.


Once Upon a Marriage

Time is running out for Armina Keer to have the baby she’s always wanted. Before she can move on with her life, she needs her estranged husband to sign their divorce papers. When she can’t get him to respond, her meddling uncles arrange for a trip to his inn. Despite vowing to guard her broken heart, she has to settle the past before she can have a future.


Ian Keer might not deserve a second chance with his wife, but he’s not going to give up one either, not with the immediate flaming attraction still between them. While her uncles’ antics wreak havoc on life at The Inn, he offers her the ultimate gamble: Spend the night with him, and afterwards he’ll sign the papers if she still wants to leave.


With everything riding on one night together, Ian must convince her that their love is strong enough the second time around, and Armina must decide if love is worth sacrificing her dreams.

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Sara Daniel writes what she loves—irresistible romance, from sweet to erotic and everything in between. She lives her own happily-ever-after romance with her hero husband. Connect with her online at: SaraDanielheadshot

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