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Talking with: Bethany-Kris

Today I’m talking with multi-published author Bethany-Kris about her latest release, Spray Paint Kisses. I love the title, the cover, and the concept, so I had to find out more. I’m now in awe of how she juggles family and her writing life – you will be too!

What inspired you to write this book?

spraypaintkisses2Spray Paint Kisses was inspired by my spouse’s small town and a young man I seen while stopping at a store who had his hoodie on and black spray paint stained to his hands. There had been some serious vandalism going on in the town, and my mind started making up its own story, only the characters were older and past the “bad” stage, so to speak.

What types of books do you enjoy reading? What is on your nightstand?

Oh, I read a wide variety of genres. I just finished an erotic romance and now I’m currently re-reading Stephen King’s Just After Sunset. Nothing like getting the creeps after something gets you hot and bothered, I guess.

Tell me about your favorite place to write. What makes it special?

I don’t have a favorite place because I have two sons (aged 4 and 2) and my third son is due mid-November, so I just write whenever I have the chance to. Usually I prefer the kitchen table, as the house is open concept and I have a clear view of 65 feet all the way to the other end of the downstairs. I need to have that leg up on them. 😉

How do you make time to write?

Time is invaluable when you’re a mother to young children. Things get sacrificed a lot in my house to make time for my writing. I’m don’t cook, and I’m not very adept at cleaning, either. Hubby stands in for those chores and I do the laundry because he’s confused about how to push the “stupid buttons”. Needless to say, my spouse is a big help for time. I also write late into the night when the kiddos are sleeping and I need privacy for the more … interesting scenes.

What is your favorite part about being an author?

Being able to tell a story and having someone read it. I’ll always be able to write, but I might not always want to share, or be able to, for that matter.

Let’s play “Dump the purse” – what’s in yours?

Keys. Wallet. Hair pins. Prenatal vitamins. Paperwork I should have mailed a month ago. Diapers for the youngest—just in case. iPod. Gum and lip chap I just threw out because God knows how old that is. Garbage (I should really clean this out more often). Small notepad and pen because I write lots of dialogue in it and transfer it over later.

If your hero or heroine were babysitting my kids (age 6 & 10) what would the night be like?

They’re pretty young themselves—22 and 21. Chances are, you’d come home to a clean house because Summer would make sure it was good. She’s polite that way. Make sure there isn’t any paints—especially spray paint—because Gage would be teaching the kids his trade as that’s the only way he knows how to connect with kids. My daughter will be sure to find the paints then.

We’re at a bar with your hero and heroine, what are they drinking?

Budweiser beer for Gage. Any kind of wine cooler for Summer, she’s not a picky girl.  spraypaintkisses2


Spray Paint Kisses by Bethany-Kris


He’s left his mark everywhere. She’s still trying to find a place to leave hers. Gage Masselin is a graffiti artist whose life has revolved around his art, and focused entirely on his career. He’s never needed a muse to get his inspiration flowing, so when an unexpected blonde-haired beauty knocks him out of his zone, he knows he’s in trouble. Summer Davey is just a traveling girl with a gypsy’s soul. The one constant she has is her need to keep moving on. She’s never stayed in one place long enough to plant roots, never mind finding a man with spray paint kissing the tips of his fingers to make her heart beat faster. She inspires him. He’s the first thing to ever feel like home. Sometimes the hardest things to find in love and life are the easiest to lose.

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Author’s Bio

Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother of two young sons, two cats, and two dogs. Between barking dogs, snuggling cats, playing children, and a spouse calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.

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