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Talking with: Heather Thurmeier

Today I’m talking with Heather Thurmeier. Her newest contemporary romance, The Wedding Hoax sounds like a lot of fun. HeatherTWH_500

What types of books do you enjoy reading? What is on your nightstand?

-I have sort of eclectic reading taste. Of course, I love to read romances (paranormal, NA, and contemporary), but I also love dystopian and adventure. Give me a treasure hunt or a horde of zombies and I’m set for the night!

You are amazingly prolific. How do you make time to write?

– I write when the kids are at school. As soon as the bus drives away, my office hours start. I try to get as much done then as I can. Sometimes I will have to work when they’re home, but I try not to. I will bring my work to after school activities is necessary so I can watch dance class and answer interview questions at the same time. (cough) Once in a while I will work at night after bedtime, but usually by then, I’m so darn tired, I can’t think straight! I know that feeling!

What is your favorite part about being an author?

-The freedom! I love the freedom of being able to write on my own schedule. No one tells me when I have to get my work done. I might have a deadline, but I still choose when I sit down and get the work done. It allows me to still be the stay at home mom I want to be, to run to the school on a whim when the kids fall in a mud puddle and need new clothes. (That happens more often than you might expect!)

-The other thing I love about being a writer is getting to live in new worlds all the time. I love getting into a new world of characters and having them in my head while I write their story! It’s so fun to research new places and imagine experiences I’ve never been through in my real life.

If a celebrity did the audio book reading, who would you pick and why?

-Oh, mmmm… I can’t even answer this question without smiling. If you know me in real life, it’s no secret that I have always loved Bruce Willis. It doesn’t matter that there’s a huge age difference. That man is sexy… his lopsided smile, those eyes, and that voice. *happy sigh* He’d definitely be one of my top choices to read The Wedding Hoax. I could totally listen to his voice for hours.

Nice pick. Before we find him and ask if he’ll do the audio, let’s play “Dump the purse” – what’s in yours?

-Oh God. This could be a dangerous game for some people! LOL. But for me, it’s pretty tame. There’s the basics: wallet, sunglasses, tissues, tic tacs, pens and keys. Then there’s the few extras for writing that go everywhere with me: ear buds, business cards, and my idea book. It goes everywhere with me since you never know when inspiration might strike.

Let’s take it to a bar with your hero and heroine, what are they drinking?

– Not surprisingly, they enjoy my favorite drinks. Cole would be drinking a Rye and Coke. For those of you who don’t know, Rye is Canadian whiskey. It would be Crown Royal, to be exact. But in the book, it’s rum because the editor felt that was more commonplace. Daisy would be sipping a strawberry margarita. Delish!

My kids built a time machine out of Legos. When and where are we headed and why?

-We’d be off to the future! We already know what happens in the past, so I see no reason to spend time there. But the future is a mystery and I’d love to know what it was like. But since I don’t have a time machine, I guess I’ll have to become a vampire so I can live forever and see the future in person. And becoming a vampire is probably less painful than a Lego time machine.

Dessert time! Give me your “either—or” answers

  • Chocolate, fruit or other? CHOCOLATE! Is there any other answer?
  • Warm or cold? Cold. It’s easier to warm up than it is to cool off.
  • Buttercream or fondant? Buttercream. Fondant is strange.
  • Cookies or brownies? Brownies. Yum.
  • With nuts or without? Probably without.

Heather, what is The Marriage Hoax about?

A satisfying category romance from Entangled’s Lovestruck imprint…

HeatherTWH_500To save their companies, they’ll plan the fake wedding of the century…

Meet the bride…

Daisy Willows is a wedding dress designer who longs for her own happily-ever-after. In the meantime, she’s struggling to keep her business going even as she covers her mom’s increasing medical expenses. So when a bridal show expo owner offers to help her out, she can hardly say no. And all it takes is Daisy pretending she’s back with her playboy ex. And that they’re engaged…

Meet the groom…

Cole Benton works for his father’s bridal magazine, which is on the verge of downsizing. All he really wants is a crack at an outdoor lifestyle magazine, and if he has to fake-marry Daisy to make it happen, he’s definitely in. Now Daisy and Cole are playing up their fake engagement, shopping for rings, and even kissing upon request. All of which is makes it a whole lot harder to remember that their big white wedding is a big white lie…

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That’s a beautiful bracelet, by the way. Thank you, but it’s not mine. It’s a give away inspired by my heroine Daisy!

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