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My terrible error

I signed up for NaNoWriMo, which is all well and good. My goal is to produce a follow up to Bad Traveler featuring a secondary character in a starring role. This is not my error, at least not yet.

No, my problem came when I sat down to do character research. I made a mistake. A big bad terrible mistake. I forgot to use an incognito window on my browser.

Going incognito sometimes presents problems, like I can’t link directly from an incognito window to Pinterest.  Since I wanted to populate my newly created NaNoWriMo board, I didn’t want to be incognito the entire time. But then the mistake happened. I was so excited to see a link for “Fifty Beautiful Welsh Women” that I clicked rather than pasting into a incognito window.   I ended up on a “lad-mag” site.  The women were fully dressed and if you check out my board, you will see they are indeed beautiful, but I fear my advertising stream will switch over almost entirely to Viagra and body building techniques.

I already miss the pretty shoes and boots. Perhaps the new advertising stream will inspire a different type of story.  In the meantime, I’ll try to practice safe pinning.



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3 thoughts on “My terrible error

  1. I’d never thought of this before! Is it just a new tab you go into for pasting a link or do you have to be in a profile of cloak to pull this off?

  2. Usually I open an incognito window – the one with the cloak profile – but you can’t pin directly from one of those. I also use the search engine because they don’t track searches and change your ad profile.

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