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First Friday Five – Holiday Cheer Specifics

By now, you’ve likely been inundated with ways to simplify the holidays, bring on cheer, buy the most stuff for the least money and how to give thoughtful homemade gifts. ‘Tis the season indeed. Most of the articles and gifs serve to remind me of my handicraft foibles, and make me guilty that I’ve spent too much, too little or all my money in the wrong place.  Add in all too frequent encounters with any Alvin and the Chipmunks song, and the cacophony threatens to put this writer of holiday stories in a bad mood.  Sound familiar?

As an antidote, I’m sharing 5 specific things that reawaken my holiday cheer. Maybe they’ll work for you.

1. Spritz cookies.


If your mouth is watering, then you know exactly what I mean. These buttery gems are not the easiest cookies to make. You need lots of butter, a cookie press, patience, and strong arms, but the results are worth it.

2. Cheese and Cracker Trays.  Count calories in January. For now, pass the espresso parmesan, or the warm brie, or the cheese curds, or the …. you get the idea.

3. Illuminated Trees.  I love twinkling lights, but whether in a front yard or a family room or on a city street, illuminated trees make my heart pitter-patter. Lights on a house or a building don’t have the same organic shapes.

4. Even though my mom never cooked chicken and collard greens, I have a soft spot for Run DMC’s Christmas in Hollis, the song and the video.

5. And if all else, fails, there’s nothing like a cup of hot chocolate spikes with a candy cane.

This list has made me hungry. Time to put number 4 on the radio, drink some 5, set out some 2 to nibble on while I make 1 so they will be ready in time to take a stroll to see number 3.

What puts you in the holiday spirit this season, no matter what you celebrate?

P.S. – My holiday romance, Winter Fairy is being rereleased as part of  Winter Dreams: 7 Heartfelt Holiday Romances.


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