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First Friday Five – Resolutions

Ah, January. In the first few weeks of the new calendar year, most of us resolve to change something for the positive. How many lists have you seen (or made) that start with words to the effect of I will eat more vegetables?

Not here. Maybe I’m cranky because the pond behind my house suffered too many freeze-thaw cycles to be useful for skating, but I decided this year I’m resolving NOT to do things in my First Friday Five.

1. I resolve NOT to give up coffee in 2015.

2. Likewise, I resolve NOT to give up chocolate, because I’m no quitter.


3. I resolve NOT to parachute out of an airplane naked.

4. I resolve NOT to sit for so many hours each day. Laying down requires less energy.

5. Finally, I resolve NOT to let fear of rejection keep me from submitting the three finished manuscripts I have.

What do you think? Is there anything you resolve NOT to do in 2015? There will be a surprise for one lucky commenter who leaves contact information (use the name at server dot com format so you don’t get spambotted)



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8 thoughts on “First Friday Five – Resolutions

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  2. What a wonderful concept, Lola! I resolve to not give up Diet Coke, though I will water it down to save money. I resolve not to listen to the nay sayers around me on any topic!

    1. And of course, I have trouble with instructions: shaputis at gmail dot com is my contact information. lol

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