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First Friday Five: Broken Arm

At the tail end of January, I slipped on ice and broke my left arm. By broke, I mean shattered. Trauma surgeons rebuilt my arm with the help of 8 pins.  For my First Friday Five, here are brief five lessons I’ve learned about life with my broken arm.

1. Typing one-handed is hard. So is removing a pan from a hot oven, driving, shampooing, and holding a hard back book. I could continue this list, but please see the first sentence of point one.

2. Sometimes, I wish I had the Kim Kardashian skill of balancing objects on my butt, then I would be able to open doors and carry something at the same time.

3. Some company should really manufacture  velcro front-close underwire bras in my size.

4. None of my Bad Traveler research on amputees and PTSD prepared me for how infantalizing the loss of independence can be.

5. I’m fortunate to have many wonderful people in my life who have helped me in myriad ways. A neighbor drove me to the emergency room, friends have watched my children and driven them to various tasks. Far-flung family rearranged their schedules to care for me and my children. I cannot thank my husband enough for all he has done, everything from opening medicine bottles to ordering my favorite chocolate. There’s nothing like a little misfortune to remind one of all the good in this world.


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