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Summer of Love

Love to read romance? I’m thrilled to share the “Summer of Love” contest.

Who are we and what is this? We’re a group of romance writers who want to share our love of romance! We came up with the idea to give away one print romance a week for the entire summer to three lucky winners. That’s 16 books for each Grand Prize winner—an entire summer’s worth of love and passion. But that’s not all! We’re also giving away packages of 5 print books to at least two lucky winners!  You can enter the contest and find all the details at the main website.

But that is not all! I have a concurrent Rafflecopter (April  1-May 15th) to decide which lucky duck will get a $5 Amazon gift card and which lucky duck will get to enjoy two bars of handcrafted Gray Duck Soap. Made in Minnesota (or the land of 10,000 duck ponds), these soaps smell even better than they look, and that’s saying something!  I see you doing math – yes, there are four bars.

Grayducksoap4soapsFrom left to right

Lilac Way (strong scent)

Rainbow (Nag Champa—medium oriental-type scent)

Margarita (with salt on top, lime-light scent)

Minneapolis Magnolia (strong scent)

In addition to the Rafflecopter, one newsletter subscriber will get a soap and the last? I’ll give it away somehow.

p.s. – sorry to say for fans who live elsewhere,  the soaps are open to legal U.S. residents who are 18 years of age or older. The gift card is open to everyone.

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11 thoughts on “Summer of Love

    1. So many roses have had the scent bred out of them so they can have a longer bloom season, but when you go past real roses? Pure summer.

  1. I love Roses also, but when I smell the fresh cut grass I feel like Summer has gotten here!!!

    Judy Cox

  2. my summer fruit definitely is…. WATERMELON! 🙂
    it just reminds me entirely of summer 🙂 plus the scent (yes there’s a watermelon scent lol) reminds me of sunny vibes and sunglasses and beaches! hahaha

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