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Summer vacation, sort of.

My children finish school this week and I end another work cycle. From September to effectively the end of May, I am a WAHM or Work at Home Mom. During June, July and August, I am primarily a SAHM or Stay at Home Mom.

My day to day schedule becomes more fluid for those three months. The kids retain a set bedtime, but we relax our routines. If the weather is nice, we explore different parks. If it’s not so nice, we revisit a favorite museum. I take editing work with me, or write blog posts long hand while they hit the playground, but my writing work takes a back seat to togetherness. My social media time drops off as we engage in a different kind of face-time.

By the end of the summer, my ever-present notebook will be with ideas for stories that may never be written. More importantly, my kids heads will be filled with memories that they will turn into stories they share. The work is unrelenting, but I love it.


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