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Presents or Gifts? Choose your #ChristmasTreats

christmas treats buttonWhat are our favorite Christmas Treats? Books, of course! Stop by each blog for a chance to win fabulous books & gifties for the Holidays!  

As part of the Christmas Treats giveaway hop, I’m giving away an ebook copy of Tidings of Love: 7 Holiday Romance Novellas, which contains my Winter Fairy, AND a $5 gift card to Starbucks so you can treat yourself to a yummy coffee drink.

As the end of the year giving season grips so many of us in its clutches, I’m often struck by the absurdity of the Christmas morning ritual of ripping off piles of shiny wrapping paper to unearth items I bought for myself a month ago. Since reaching adulthood, I tend to get a lot more presents rather than gifts. What is the difference you ask? I’ve given this a lot of thought. Probably too much thought for the relative weight of the issues, but here goes.

A present is presented to you. The giver gives you something you requested. They spent the money to buy a specific item on your list. Or maybe, they wrote you a check or gave you the cash to buy the item for yourself for the express purpose of having something to unwrap on Christmas morning. There is not much thought behind a ritual presentation of an item you want, but a present shows the giver listened.

A gift is an item given from the giver’s heart. It is unexpected but thoughtful. The gift can be big or small, useful or not, but it expresses the relationship between the giver and the recipient.

I love giving gifts, but find it hard this time of year when I am under the obligation to shop and buy specific items for so many people. I spend a lot of time buying presents, but I try to include a few gifts as well. I shop for gifts year round, or more to the point, gifts shop for me. I can be purchasing the most banal household items and something will catch my eye. It could be a goofy paper napkin pattern or a sale on a flavored coffee that a dear friend loves. A gift something that will bring joy to a recipient, which in turn gives joy to the giver.

Books make terrific gifts and terrific presents. There are loads of books and other goodies up for grabs in the Christmas Treats hop. Enter my rafflecopter here to be entered for the ebook and giftcard and be sure to visit all the authors through the linky-list.

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29 thoughts on “Presents or Gifts? Choose your #ChristmasTreats

  1. I definitely love being both a gift giver and receiver. It’s my drug of choice, that moment when a person opens your gift and absolutely loves it and feels what they mean to you. Of course, when someone does it back, wow, it really means a lot since not everyone will take the time.

  2. When it’s with that special “one” person, I like both the gift giving and the present. It about the shared experience and memory.

  3. I love gifts, it means they saw something and throughout “Perfect, that screams Shannon and she’ll love it!”. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy presents ; )

  4. I almost always give gifts, I shop or make things year round because I look forward to christmas so much – this way I have the time and ability to give gifts!

    1. Oooh – do you lose gifts you buy throughout the year too? I sometimes get too impatient to wait until Christmas share a gift.

  5. I do homemade gifts, each year my son and I make something this year’s it’s Christmas ornaments earrings. .

    1. My mom and I made crafty gifts for friends and family every year when I was younger, but more importantly, we made wonderful memories. Ornament earrings sound fun.

  6. I prefer receiving gifts because they are often something unique and/or touching. However, I am usually more comfortable giving a present, something the person specifically said they needed or wanted. I know many folks don’t want more clutter in there lives. When possible and appropriate, I like to give consumables – edible goodies, fancy soaps, decorative candles, etc.

  7. Honestly, I like both. Depending on who it’s coming from determines which I’d rather have. If it’s someone that knows me very well such as my daughter, mother or best friend, I’d prefer a gift. If it’s a casual acquaintance that doesn’t know me quite as well, I’d prefer a present.

    1. Great point – gifts are something hard to give (and receive) unless you are close to the person.

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  8. I like giving & receiving gifts but realize that sometimes presents are more practical and appreciated. Happy holidays!

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