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Caring for a special #cat

Earlier this month, I was chatting with Angela Smith, last week’s spotlight guest. Part of our conversation revolved around a mutual problem, a sick kitty. Both of us have cats that have been diagnosed with IBS, or inflammatory bowel syndrome. Worse, this is a conversation I’ve had with several other cat owners since my kitty, Juno, first started having issues ten months ago.

I’m not a vet and I am not offering feline medical advice. If you have a kitty suffering from diarrhea, weight loss, and a change of appetite, you should work with your vet to find a solution that works for your beloved pet. If you are going through this, I hope it takes you less than nine months to find a regime that works for your kitty.

a 5mg daily dose of Prednisone (vet prescribed)
Juno and her GI kibble
Juno and her GI kibble

Dry food – Royal Canin GI High Energy Veterinary diet. We saw some improvement with a limited ingredient diet and with novel proteins like lamb, but this has been the best for us. Plus, as you can see, she likes the food.

1/2 can of wet food daily – I split the rest between the other two cats. They all love the “Pride by Instinct” varieties. I feed the same variety every day for at least a week. Too much switching upsets my kitty-girl’s tummy.
1 teaspoon “Firm Up” pumpkin supplement. I mix this with some water and the soft cat food. An employee at my local Chuck and Don’s pet store mentioned using this for his cat with IBS and my vet approved. My store stocks Firm Up with supplements for dogs, but the bag also specifies cats. It comes in two varieties (that I know of), a plain pumpkin and a pumpkin cranberry blend. Juno happily eats either mixed with soft cat food.
If the family is headed out of town, we increase the prescriptions because stress aggravates our cat’s symptoms.
It took a lot of trial and error to get to this regime, and I’m sure some of you will have different suggestions on what has worked for you. The most important pieces of advice I can offer are to be patient and to work with your vet to find your ideal regime. My kitty-girl is as feisty and cuddly now as she was in her kitten days seven years ago.


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