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Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday

I’m getting into the Christmas spirit with this excerpt from Winter Fairy.

Eloise spent the night with her grandparents and Carson spent the night with Penelope. In the morning, reality slapped Carson hard. Not only did Penelope storm off in a huff, but Grandma Sue confronted him with a new problem.

“Do you want to know what happened during Santa’s visit with the grandkids?”

Carson swallowed hard. Last year, right in front of Santa, Eloise pushed one of her cousins hard enough to knock off his glasses.

“The other children all climbed up on Santa’s lap and asked for nice things. A new video game. An American Girl doll. A couple of books. A power wheel. But not Eloise. She told Santa she didn’t want any toys this year. She wants Miss Penny to be her mommy.”

Will Eloise get her wish? What’s on your wish list?

You can pick up Winter Fairy at Amazon, B&N, iTunes,  Kobo and elsewhere.

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Winter Fairy Six Sentence Sunday

This is my first time posting for Six Sentence Sunday and today I’m sharing from Winter Fairy, my newest release from Crimson Romance.

Single father, Carson has just arrived at his daughter’s dance studio for the show off day celebrating the end of her “Fairy Dreams” class.  A loud blast of music, followed by a giggle draws his attention to the corner and he gets his first glimpse of Penelope.

She was taller than the other fairies. He guessed she stood closer to 5’7″ than 3’6″. The woman wore shimmery blue-green wings that reminded him of the water off the small island where he honeymooned years ago. She had a blond pixie cut and large blue eyes that gave her the look of an overgrown Tinkerbell. When she moved, light reflected off her body like tiny fireworks. This must Eloise’s infamous Miss Penny.

Are you as curious as Carson?  You can find Winter Fairy at Amazon, Crimson Romance, iTunes and more.

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