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I love surprises

I love a good surprise.  Bad Traveler released early and at a special introductory price on Amazon. I hope you’ll enjoy Kyle and Gwen’s story, and right now, it costs about the same as one of Gwen’s chocolate chip cookie.


If you prefer a different format, you’ll find other options at Decadent Publishing and All Romance.

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First Friday Five: Beat the heat!

The dog days of summer are upon us, or at least upon readers in the Northern Hemisphere. To welcome August, I offer you five ways to beat the heat without cranking up your home’s air conditioning.

1. Have a popsicle.

2. Soak your feet in a kiddie pool.

3. Soak your whole self in a pool. Swim up bar and frozen margarita optional.

Swim up bar at Arizona Falls

4. Catch an afternoon matinee at your local movie theater.

5. Find a shady spot and read a Christmas, New Year’s Eve or winter themed book. Thoughts of snow flakes will cool you down. offers directions to make this bench

What are your favorite ways to cool off?




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Spotlight on In the Shadow of Pride by Nancy Weeks

Today I’m featuring fellow Crimson Romance author Nancy Weeks and her latest Romantic Suspense, In the Shadow of Pride.

In the Shadow of Pride

intheshadow Lexie Trevena buried her murdered husband, discovered he had cheated on her, and signed to adopt his newborn son—all before noon. Now she just wants to raise her child in the loving, supportive home she never had. The last thing she needs is another man to complicate her life, but her best friends feel differently. Their matchmaking meddling accidentally places Lexie smack in the path of a terrorist who intends to use her as his pawn.

The only person who can help her is the FBI agent she holds responsible for her husband’s death.

Special-Agent-In-Charge Luke “Mac” McNeil watched his best friend and partner marry a woman he knew was too good for him, but he did nothing to stop the wedding. He stood by as Lexie adopted the cheating jerk’s son. But when someone goes to great lengths to make it appear that Lexie is responsible for launching a drone into the home of a prominent Texas senator, Mac’s conscience finally speaks up, and he fights for Lexie’s freedom … even though all the evidence leads to her door, and she has never given him a reason to trust her.

Can Lexie and Mac find the courage to forgive and trust, or will their pride stand in the way of love, allowing terrorists to bring another devastating attack onto United States soil?

Sensuality Level: Sensual


I hope you will enjoy this excerpt from In the Shadow of Pride


Lexie leaned her back against the cool stone and made herself release Mac’s hand. She then took a breath of fresh, clean air and tried to hide the shakiness in her voice. “Now what?”

“I’m going to drop down to the roof. You will kneel on the ledge and, using the window to balance, turn so your legs hang over the edge. Let go of the ledge, and I’ll catch you.”

“Are you crazy? I can’t—”

“Lexie, look behind you.”

She turned her head slowly toward the open window. Flames appeared under the door and the small office was completely filled with smoke. One word escaped her lips. “Trapped.”

“Once we get down onto the roof, there’s a fire escape ladder to the street.” He reached for her hand. “Gabriel needs you. We can do this together.”

Finding her voice, she whispered, “Not fair using Gabriel.” She bit down on her lower lip and dredged up an ounce of courage. “Mac, do what you have to do.”

With the grace of a trained athlete, he lowered himself over the side until only the tips of his fingers were on the ledge. An instant later, he dropped, landing on his feet.

“Tag, you’re it, Lexie. Just drop and I’ll catch you. Trust me.”

Lexie’s heart pounded like she had just run the 100-yard dash. After a quick glance into the office, she knelt, and holding onto the window, rolled onto her stomach.

“That’s it. Now just ease your legs over the ledge.”

The instant her feet hit empty space, panic ripped through her and she swung a leg back onto the ledge as her fingers dug into the window frame. God, she couldn’t do this. It was freaking crazy.

“You have to let go of the window frame. I’m right under you.”

“This isn’t the time to be nice to me, Mac.”

“Okay, then how’s this? I’m loving the view of the sexiest red panties I have ever seen that barely cover an ass that will live in my dreams for years to―”

Lexie dropped. Before she could get out the ear-piercing, girly scream that roared in her head, she landed in Mac’s arms. The impact crushed the air from her lungs.

“You’re okay,” he whispered. “I’ve got you.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she allowed his strength and his herbal all-male scent to soothe her. He eased her legs back on solid ground, but she didn’t let go. She couldn’t remember a time in her life when she felt so safe, protected.

She raised her chin and met his amused stare. Of all stupid days to wear a skirt to work. As soon as she got out of this mess, it was going to Goodwill.

Heat spread up her neck and her chest tightened. “This one time, I’m going to let that go.”

“Let what go, Lexie?” Mac’s hand moved slowly down her back to her waist and pressed her tightly against him.

His touch sent a flash of need that had been dormant for too long into her gut. Lexie swallowed but couldn’t look him in the face. “That wasn’t my best moment on that ledge. You shouldn’t have looked.”

“You told me not to be nice. I was saving your life.”


Nancy C. Weeks lives in suburban Maryland with her husband of more than thirty years. With her two grown children out of the nest, she loves spending her days on her deck writing as the local bird population keeps her company.

Find Nancy at:



Facebook :,

Twitter: @NancyCWeeks




Now that I’ve piqued your curiosity, check out where you can find the In the Shadow series



















All of Nancy’s In the Shadow books are available at and lookie here:


That means, if you buy all of Nancy’s book, and my Crimson Romance book Winter Fairy, you will be able to pick up something else at the Crimson Website for free! What are you waiting for? Go, shop, read!


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Finding my groove

If you’ve followed my blog over the last few months you likely noticed two things.  One – I moved.  Two – I haven’t written much.

As a writer, not writing is a problem.  It’s not that I have writer’s block but after six full weeks of being knee-deep in a move so problematic that even people who don’t know my occupation say “you should write a book,” the issue is more I’ve forgotten how to write.

In my old home and my old routine, I had writing rituals.  I dropped off the kids at school, turned on the machine, made myself a latte and sat down to the task at hand.  One day focused on social media, another on marketing and industry reading and several on writing.  Now I have nothing.

My desk isn’t in the same place.  In fact, I don’t have a desk–well I do, but it’s waiting to be assembled.  My children both ride the bus now and the kindergartener doesn’t leave until nearly lunch time.  It’s so backwards from my old routine, that I’ve lost my writing groove.

It will return, but I’m tired of my writing groove’s slow tempo as of late.  I’d love suggestions on how to whip my groove into shape.  Thanks.

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Where my heart finds a home

There is a reason my tagline is “where the heart finds a home.”  In my published and unpublished works, home is a common theme.  Writing is a way for me to explore the idea of home.

What makes a home?  For me a flight of stairs helps transform a physical space into a home, but home has also been a one room studio apartment.  For some people, the physical space retains memories.  Each corner of the room triggers some treasured memory of holiday’s past, birthdays, temper tantrums, homework tussles or stories read.  For some people, the stuff inside the physical structure makes the place  home.  Don’t believe me?  Watch an episode of Hoarders to see how attached some people are to possessions.

I am as obsessed with the idea of home as I am perplexed by it.  What is the allure of home?  Why do we want to escape home and why do we long to return to it?  How do we know when we are in the right place for us?  Can the place we know as home be the wrong fit?

I don’t have answers.  When I look for them, I find more questions.  This is good fuel for my writing.

I am leaving one residence in coastal Virginia for another one in Minnesota.  (And yes, I do realize it is cold in Minnesota.)  Moving is a time of tremendous uncertainty and chaos, but I am certain of one thing.  House and Home are not synonyms.  I will leave behind a house, but not home.

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Last Day to Get RHIANNA and AUDRA on Sale

I’m reblogging this here. I had a chance to read Audra as an ARC and loved Amanda Shalaby’s voice. Can’t wait to read Rhianna. Today is also the last day to get my own book Winter Fairy on sale for your Kindle for $1.99. As Amanda says, happy reading!

Amanda L. V. Shalaby

Today is the last day to get Kindle versions of Rhianna and Audra on sale for $1.99!  Happy reading!

roses2Click HERE for your copy of Rhianna



Audra Official CoverClick HERE for your copy of Audra


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Bear cat, Bare Cats

Juno & Rojo after a play

I recently blogged about the newest addition to my family. I’m happy to report that the fluffy kitty now has a name, Bear. He is a sweetheart who flops down anywhere, by which I mean the wood floors, the wood steps and the kids’ piles of Legos. I don’t have a photo of all three of them together yet, but it is a matter of time. Juno, the queen of our house, has disciplined Bear a time or two for deigning to sit on her favorite chair, but otherwise, there has been no aggression. We will not need a visit from Jackson Galaxy nor be featured on “My Cat from Hell.” El Loco Rojo enjoys having a new playmate. Rojo and Bear are both lefties. After a few playful swats, Rojo takes off running and Bear follows for a great game of chase. Bear still feels obligated to meow loudly to defend the outside from intruders, but he’s settling into a life of domestic bliss and perpetually dry weather.

I failed in my prediction that the cats would be grooming each other by this time. After a good play, Rojo has broached Bear several times. When he and Juno play, this action initiates bath time, but that hasn’t extended to Bear yet. You can see Rojo’s thought process. He approaches. Bear twitches. His fur wiggles. Rojo thinks “What is that crazy stuff?!?” and backs off looking for something less fluffy to lick.

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Valentine’s Day Vacay

If you stop by here on Valentine’s Day, I might not be home.  It’s a busy time of year. My children prefer to make homemade Valentine’s cards. I usually send in cookies for the school parties, but this year we’re trying something new and soon my house will be filled with the heavenly scent of fudge.

I’ll also be busy visiting my friends and you’re welcome to visit too.  First, I’ll be at Robyn Neeley’s. Join me, Robyn, Heather Thurmeier, Eliza Daly and our Crimson Romance characters as they celebrate Valentine’s Day. Should be fun!

From February 14th through the 28th, I’ll be hanging out at Karen Bynum’s place.  I’m participating in her “For the Love of Books” giveaway.  Karen is the author of the YA paranormal Witch Way to Turn and great fun to follow on twitter.  There are a lot of terrific authors participating in a variety of Romance genres.  Even if you don’t win some free books, you’re sure to find several books to add to your reading list.

Wishing you a happy, joyful Valentine’s Day.


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No Resolve

I started 2013 with good intentions.  I vowed to exercise more, blog more, eat less sugar and put down the electronic devices for longer periods of time.  If those were my resolutions, I have already failed.

The word “Resolution” smacks of a finality that I find hard to attain.  I rarely resolve a crossword puzzle, but I do solve them.  A resolution, to me, is a stagnant end point. The problem or crisis is resolved and no loose ends remain.

I prefer goals.  The end point is still there, but the emphasis is different.  We set words like striving, reaching and working toward before the word goal. We acknowledge the effort and the journey.   I can celebrate the little victories along the way, such as turning down my daughter’s offer of a nibble of her ice-pop.

Last year, I set the goal of becoming published in 2012. The journey to that point had taken years, making the achievement that much sweeter, even without adding sugar.

Forget the resolutions and achieve your goals.  This year, I aspire to enter into contract on another book.  I already received a request for a full manuscript.  I like the path I’ve chosen.  I think I’ll stick with it.

What will your journey for 2013 hold?