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Sidetracked: A Small Town Contemporary Rom-Com

cover-sidetracked-smallWhen big city corporate raider, James Fordham, takes charge of a small-town energy company, he anticipates an easy job in a boring place. Success will earn him a promotion in the family business and possibly his father’s approval. All he has to do is quickly learn the energy industry, fire people, cancel the train display, turn a profit, and get out of town before anything interesting happens. Neither unforking the lawn nor kissing the beguiling Claire on his front porch are on the schedule.

Miniature train display artist Claire Evans wants nothing more than to preserve her grandfather’s legacy – the energy company’s annual Christmas train display. Now that he’s gone, she’s, determined to honor his commitment to creating big smiles from small trains. She’s not the only one who wants the trains to continue. The whole town is counting on the beloved holiday display to bring in precious tourist dollars. Everyone, that is, except James, the handsome diversion out to derail her plans.

With the town’s survival on the line, how far will Claire and the prankster citizens of Belkin, Ohio go to save their cherished traditions?

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Winter Fairy – republished in 2018

Winter Fairy_edited-1-3Recuperating ballerina Penelope Glazier can enchant the young girls in her Fairy Dreams class, but will her magic work on the sexy but straight-laced single father of her most talented student? 

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Bad Traveler


Recipes are a way of life for Gwen Jones. Take one single mother, her infant daughter and a business plan for a small town bakery. Combine with an eventful cross-country flight, chance encounter with her college crush and a dash of motion sickness. Stir in a few nuts, or family members, and large quantities of chocolate. Will this recipe be an oven oops, or as delicious as her alma matter’s newest coach?

 Having survived an attack in Afghanistan that cost him a leg and a wife, Kyle Collins developed a strategy to find meaning in life. He may be an assistant basketball coach but he refuses to sit on the sidelines. When the runs into the woman whose lips are as unforgettable as her brownies, Kyle decides to spice up Gwen’s recipes.

When a secret ingredient is thrown in the mix, can their recipe for a happily-ever-after rise to the occasion or will it end up a hot mess?

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Lucky Traveler

Lucky-Traveler-300Nearly a year after she found her boyfriend with his hand up someone else’s dress, Midwestern school teacher, Keira Jones, contacts a dating service in a faraway town for a much-needed confidence boost and night of adoration.

Logan Collins doesn’t remember much about the night he screwed up his cousin’s wedding and his life. But with five months of sobriety under his belt and most of his amends made, he celebrates with a 1Night Stand.

When Madame Eve sends these ex-lovers to the same Las Vegas hotel room, the two of them must discover whether good luck or bad luck guides their travels.

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Here’s what the reviews have to say.

“The emotional depths of “Lucky Traveler” by Lola Karns was a nice surprise and well done” 5 Star Amazon review

“The novella was a fun steamy read that I couldn’t put down.” 5 Star Amazon Review