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First Friday 5 Back to School

My kids (finally) go back to school on Tuesday. They are ready and so am I, especially since those days my husband works away from his home office, I’ll be alone and unsupervised. I’ll be free from the pressure of being a role-model. Here are five things I’m looking forward to doing, although not necessarily all on the same day:

  1. Ice cream for lunch.
  2. A two-hour power nap.
  3. Cake for lunch, possibly with ice cream on the side.
  4. Finish the manuscript I started in April.
  5. Binge watch something. Should I rewatch Firefly, Fargo, or Orphan Black? Should I try something new like Stranger Things or Mr. Robot? What do you suggest?
    With any luck, I’ll get through a couple of programs before the next school break.
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First Friday Five: Summer Nights

Not only does June bring the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere at least) but the worst heat of the summer usually doesn’t kick in until the next turn of the calendar page.  Here are five ways to enjoy a perfect summer night.

1. Walk barefoot in the grass – unless you have nettles in the yard – those suckers hurt.

2. Chase fireflies. Mason jars optional. 

3. Go to a baseball game. It doesn’t matter whether it’s major, minor or the t-ball set.

4. Invent constellations.

5. Stroll down the street eating an indulgent full-fat ice cream or gelato. 

Well, I’m hungry so I’m off to take my own advice. What’s your favorite way to spend a summer night?