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Break out the orange cones

Construction season has arrived in most of North America. Even though most of you are probably sick and tired of seeing orange cones, orange barrels, and “Work Zone” signage, I have more for you.

My website needs an overhaul. There are a few potholes – er – broken links – and frankly, I’m tired of looking at it.

I’ll do my work behind the scenes until I’m ready for the reveal. Until then, for the latest news, please follow me on my Facebook author page and/or my newsletter.

Before the website overhaul is finished, I’ll have some goodies for my newsletter subscribers.  Subscribers may be asked to help pick some website design elements but more importantly, I have some books to giveaway. As part of my office-clean-up-surgery-prep, I decided I have some books in need of new homes. I have a stack of contemporary romances and a stack of paranormal romances. Details on how to enter will be in my next newsletter, arriving late July.

Safe travels everyone!

From The LaCrosse Tribune. 


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My terrible error

I signed up for NaNoWriMo, which is all well and good. My goal is to produce a follow up to Bad Traveler featuring a secondary character in a starring role. This is not my error, at least not yet.

No, my problem came when I sat down to do character research. I made a mistake. A big bad terrible mistake. I forgot to use an incognito window on my browser.

Going incognito sometimes presents problems, like I can’t link directly from an incognito window to Pinterest.  Since I wanted to populate my newly created NaNoWriMo board, I didn’t want to be incognito the entire time. But then the mistake happened. I was so excited to see a link for “Fifty Beautiful Welsh Women” that I clicked rather than pasting into a incognito window.   I ended up on a “lad-mag” site.  The women were fully dressed and if you check out my board, you will see they are indeed beautiful, but I fear my advertising stream will switch over almost entirely to Viagra and body building techniques.

I already miss the pretty shoes and boots. Perhaps the new advertising stream will inspire a different type of story.  In the meantime, I’ll try to practice safe pinning.