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News Flash – Do good and get a good book.

Normally a “Buy my book” push would qualify as shameless self-promotion, but I have no guilt this week.  Why? Because for one week, I’m donating my profits from the sale of Bad Traveler  to The Wounded Warrior Project.

My research for Bad Traveler made me more aware of the mental and physical plight of our service men and women upon returning home. Medical advances have allowed many to survive severe injuries, but surviving is not the same as living full lives. The Wounded Warrior Project creates a community for and provides assistance to injured service members and their families.

Please consider buying Bad Traveler between November 9th-November 15th. I guarantee a minimum donation of $20.00, but I sure would love to give The Wounded Warrior Project more. If getting a book doesn’t appeal, make a direct donation of five dollars to an organization that aids veterans.  It’s not much. The survivor stories I read noted the importance of teamwork. Let’s build a team to support those who have served for Veterans’ Day on November 11th.

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